6 Major Reasons Not to Trust Organic Products

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We’ve been told that organic foods make us healthier, stronger, and happier. Is that true or just another myth everybody believes? You can find thousands of scientific journals where this issue is described.

If you are not one of the researchers carrying out experiments in labs, all you can do is to either trust the press and other sources of information or think that labels that claim that the foods you buy are “organic” is just another marketing technique.

Meats that are grown in a conventional way cost less. Hormones that producers use help piglets, calves and other animals grow and develop much faster. They supply the market with various meats much quicker than it is usually done by farmers who grow organic meats. The EU laws ban growth hormones despite the fact that there is little known about the impact that growth hormones make on people. Some claim that growth hormones ruin our bodies and dangerous to kids.

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